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About Zerorez

  • Our Service:  We show up when we say we will; pre-inspect your job so you'll know what to expect from start to finish, and we do what we say we will do.
  • Our Procedures:  We don't just work to make your carpets look clean, we clean them so they can stay clean with the highest quality cleaning agents and thorough rinsing so no sticky residues are left behind. Our unique approach means you get a thorough, no-soap, alkaline cleaning with superior rinsing. This is a completely different experience than what you'll get with any of our competitors!
  • Our Results:  We don't guarantee we can remove every stain...no one can.  We do, however, have the knowledge and experience to get out the stains, soil and spots that most others just shrug their shoulders at.
  • Our Value:  Our goal is not to save you money by doing the job cheaper, but by doing it better.  Our approach leaves a true, deep clean, not just soap in your carpet.
Zerorez Murrieta (951) 221-3005
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